Sold Lease Agreement

When a leased property is sold, the lease is usually transferred to the new owner and the tenant must complete the rental term with the new owner. Many tenants are uncomfortable with the idea of strangers constantly passing through their homes during open houses and demonstrations. Unfortunately, there is not much a tenant can do to complain about this part of the process. Your landlord must notify you 24 hours in advance (or whatever the notification requirement is for your state) before a real estate agent, inspector, or someone enters your property – but they don`t have to respond to your request to always be present during these events. Try to work with your landlord to find a solution that will make you feel comfortable and where your landlord can still sell their home. Remember that the more accommodating you are during the sales process, the faster it could be sold and this whole ordeal will be over. The new owners will have to respect the terms of the lease you signed with the original owner, so that even if there are 3 years left in the lease, they will have to respect this agreement. When a business is sold, the buyer must be approved by the lessor to obtain a contract or new lease. The seller normally only cares if the buyer can afford to pay for the transaction, but the owner doesn`t want the buyer to “squeak” without anything left in the bank account, or even worse, put debt into the business. Landlords want to see reserves for a buyer so they can pay rent for up to six months, and they will ask for a “PFS” or personal financial statement to assess a tenant`s rental value.

Like an SBA loan, they might also want to see certain tenant experiences that are relevant to the business they`re buying. While the landlord can`t tell a landlord how to run a store if they pay the rent and follow the rules of the lease, they can make it difficult to get in. My situation is that I rent a house with a 2-year lease. My lease expires at the end of February 2019. My landlord wrote to me in early October that she was selling her house! She promised in our previous Konvos that she wouldn`t sell until I left. I`ve already experienced this nightmare once and it doesn`t happen to me anymore (but it is!). She told me to give her a “fair” alert if I find a new place. I would add that we were friends, but not later. My question is. for demonstrations (I know 48 hours in Hawaii), to what degree should I clean? She got me and wants me for example….

rubbing the aisle because the leaves made it “dirty and stained”, sweeping fallen leaves every day (ridiculous!) she said it was my responsibility! She also wants her house to be “naval form” whenever there is a show. .

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