Agreement Kereta Sewa

15. All penalties related to traffic and/or parking violations are the responsibility of the tenant and the landlord may charge the tenant for an offense and/or parking fee committed by the renter. The landlord undertakes, when the landlord is informed of the tenant`s violations of traffic or parking, to send the tenant a copy of this communication as soon as possible and to provide the competent issuing authority with the necessary information so that this notification can be sent to the tenant. 2. The renter pays the owner the amount indicated in the rental document for the rental of the vehicle. Payments are only accepted by cash, credit card or immediate bank transfer. If you do not do so, we reserve the right to terminate the lease and we reserve the right to calculate your base at a daily allowance (24 hours) until we reserve the vehicle. The minimum duration of car rental is 24 hours. (Except Eid al-Fitr holidays) DATE… HOURS. TO DATEJAM. THE RENTER HERE AGREED WITH THE OWNER OF THE CAR AS FOLLOWS: 1. Pay the rent per day as indicated.

2.Responsible for the loss of the car. 3. Responsible for paying all invoices or assignments imposed on the car while rent is in progress….

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