Museveni Kagame Reach Agreement

This is an agreement between KAGAME and M7, so that in the Annals of History, there will be a footnote that the two leaders have signed in 2019 and such. Given the history between the country and its peoples, things should never have happened at this point. This is not an agreement between the Ugandan and Rwandan people; the people of the two countries do NOT have disputes between them. Although the opening date of the main border crossing is not clear, the news of the agreement to resume cross-border activities as soon as possible has brought relief to some traders. At the last meeting in July, Rwanda and Uganda reached an agreement to resolve tensions that have erupted in recent months between their two countries, after Angola contacted the DRC`s aid. The legal instruments seal the agreement reached between the two Central African countries and will help overcome the tensions that have marked their relations. According to a statement from the Ugandan Chamber, the Ugandan and Rwandan leaders agreed to respect the sovereignty of each other and neighbouring countries. The four heads of state will attend the signing of the instruments that anchor the agreements obtained on 21 August. Luanda, Angola | THE | INDEPENDENT Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and his Rwandan counterpart, Paul Kagame, today signed the agreement of the four-party Angola. “We have agreed on a number of issues that will be implemented between our two countries, mainly to improve our security, trade and policy relations. Uganda is firmly committed to enforcing this agreement,” Museveni said after the summit. But today, the two heads of state and government have reached an agreement that excites the citizens of both countries. Trade relations were threatened after trucks carrying food and other goods were denied entry to Rwanda.

After the signing, Museveni said, “Uganda is committed to enforcing this agreement,” while Kagame said, “It may take time” for the two countries to “get along, but I think we`ve come a long way.” Rwanda is very keen to implement the agreement to normalize relations, said the Minister of State for East African Affairs, Olivier Nduhungirehe, in an interview with the national radio Radio Rwanda.

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