G-Cloud 9 Framework Agreement (Rm1557Ix)

The Framework was first inaugurated in 2012 and is now in its 12th iteration – G-Cloud 12. The 12th edition will be open in the summer of 2020 for vendor applications. It has come a long way since its humble beginnings, and even between G-Cloud 11 and 12, we have seen progress and positive changes in procurement with the framework. To date, there have been 12 contract calls in which providers can list their services on G-Cloud. The G-Cloud frame is not encapsulated, so if the application is compliant, an unlimited number of vendors can join the frame. Before adding a contractual variation to the database, the framework documents page is as follows: since their inception, $6.2 billion in sales have been made under the framework, 44% of which have been allocated to SMEs. Most of the activity on G-Cloud comes from the central government. This may be due in part to governments` commitment to spend $1 for $3 on small businesses by 2020, and G-Cloud offers easy access to a number of small suppliers. The contract amendment includes slight changes to the G-Cloud 9, due to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read the contract amendment and the joint framework agreement. The G-Cloud framework is divided into categories (Lots) and suppliers can make one or three depending on the solutions they offer for the public sector. Lots of G-Cloud have come a long way since their inception, with a lot of growth over the years! Currently, G-Cloud has 3 Lots: once a provider has agreed to the contract change by agreeing to the contract modification page, the basic document page is the same, but the Variation page reflects acceptance: to make a list in the G-Cloud framework, you don`t need to have formal security certifications.

All documents, including the tender and framework agreement, schedules and provider We could not talk about information security and not mention the RGPD and G-Cloud. Prior to May 2018, CCS informed all G-Cloud vendors that they would update the terms of the G-Cloud framework in accordance with the RGPD. The G-Cloud frame is an overcrowded market, to be one of the suppliers that make sales on the frame, you need to make sure that you have an excellent offer and a G-Cloud sales and marketing strategy. And if you don`t sell, it`s not too late to change that, you just need to know why! 27/03/2020 – Update – Due to the current COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, we are asking Regulation 72 (1) c) to extend this agreement for up to 9 months from the initial end date of July 1, 2020.

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