Wga Pbs Agreement

“We are pleased that this important book programming is covered by our collective agreement,” Lowell Peterson, executive director of the Writers Guild of America, East, said in a statement. “This will ensure that union-sponsored entertainment professionals and producers, associate producers and casting producers benefit from union-sponsored minimum wages and other employment protection measures and participate, like their colleagues, in a sustainable health plan, like their colleagues. A: The package contains a general note of the current MBA agreement, business information and associated forms that must be completed and returned to the funds. It also contains information for reporting contributions to 10% of owners/writers, pension and health fund rates and the recovery program memo. A: Contact Writers Guild Ost or West, depending on where you signed your collective agreement. The contract provides for the terms of the collective agreement, which originally included professionals and producers of shows, associate producers and casting producers in the company`s former specialty book department, Peacock Productions, which now apply for employees of these positions working on similar specialty books produced by NBC News Studios for television and certain online platforms such as SVOD and AVOD. The Writers Guild of America has agreed to a new three-year public television contract, which was unanimously ratified by members. The Writers Guild of America is the organization that negotiates master collective contracts (MBA), National, Network, PBS, etc.) with the Alliance of Motion Picture – Television Producers and Studios. Employers can register via the AMPTP or contact the guild directly.

The Pension and Health Fund cannot accept contributions unless a company has signed a collective agreement, acquisition or distribution contract. Please contact the signatory sections of the Writer`s Guild East at (212) 767-7837 / www.wgaeast.org or Writers Guild West at (323) 782-4514/www.wga.org A: If a company signs a collective agreement, it agrees to be reviewed and cooperate with the review process. Under federal law, funds are required to have a comprehensive and effective audit program. Employers are generally randomly checked; However, large studios and large employers are subject to regular review. A: Employers must first sign a collective agreement with the Writers Guild of America, East or West. Collective agreements establish the covered benefits for which contributions are due and the basis for calculating the income to be reported. Once the funds have received copies of your signatory documents, you will receive a package on the new signatory. The welcome new signing package contains all the information needed to understand the rules of the funds, including how to determine what the income is covered and how pension and health contributions are calculated.

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