Medical Practice Service Agreement

A. If CMP terminates the contract without reason before the expiry of the term of the contract, CMP is only entitled to compensation for the benefits actually provided at the rate (s) applicable .b. If HCF terminates the contract without reason before the expiry of the term of the contract, HCF CMP compensates all services provided at applicable rates plus the normal hourly billing rate for 50% of the remaining guaranteed hours during the term of the contract. 3. Length of contract. The term of the contract begins on the date of 20 and extends for weeks, up to the date – 20. The duration of the contract may be extended by agreement of the parties, subject to the same conditions of this MSA. The freelance doctor is informed of any extension of the contract. The operation of a medical clinic, regardless of size, can be divided into two major tasks: even if the relationship between a physician and the clinic is written and is called a “service agreement” or “independent practitioner agreement,” there are often risks of compliance. This is often because b. HCF and CMP agree to use the Clinician Freelance Billing and Payment System to deposit, verify and approve invoices and transfer all payments. CMP sends each invoice no later than Tuesday, each week, for the previous week`s services. Each invoice includes the actual working hours of each working day, with overtime, hours off and other special rates provided for this purpose.

In the event that HCF does not require CMP benefits for the total guaranteed hours per week, as shown above, HCF will nevertheless be charged for a minimum of guaranteed hours. HCF transfers the payment through the billing and payment system no later than 30 days after the date the CMP invoice is filed. For each month of submitting the CMP invoice, the delayed amount of 1.5% of the outstanding for each month of non-payment is not paid.c. If HCF finds an error in an invoice submitted by CMP, HCF notifies CMP within five business days from that date and CMP must either submit a corrected invoice or submit the original invoice by the following Tuesday. HCF then transfers the payment no later than 14 days after the date the corrected or re-injected invoice was filed by CMP through the Freelance Clinician billing and payment system. In the event that the parties do not agree on the correct billing conditions, HCF will pay at least the undisputed amount within 14 days of the new billing. CMP does not waive its right to demand unpaid compensation by receiving such a partial payment.

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