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This guide will help you understand the changes you`ve made to your GMP-E bill with SVCE`s production department. While SVCE is responsible for the purchase of the energy, you will still receive your normal PG-E bill. The user tax varies from city to city in the CWS basin and may not apply to all municipalities in our jurisdiction. Generation Credit Now that SVCE offers generation services, PG-E returns to your account the amount they would have calculated for services of the same generation. Additional franchise The deductible is levied by PG-E to cover the costs of the use of public roads for the provision of gas and electricity services. Franchise fees will be taken into account in the process of adjusting SVCE courses. Overall, customers are still saving money compared to the PG-E. Svce Generation Charge rates This tax is intended to cover the costs of Silicon Valley Clean Energy for the purchase of carbon-free electricity for customers as well as the necessary taxes. Energy Supplement This fee is charged on behalf of the California Energy Commission and applies to all customers, regardless of the service provider. The California legislature created the Energy Commission in 1975. The tax allocates additional funds to the California Energy Board. ID Service Contract A service contract documents your specific agreement with PG-E (including billing days, measurement information and other factors) to calculate applicable fees. For customers with multiple counters under a single PG-E account, each meter has a unique service ID number.

SVCE and PG-E strive to work together to make your power service and billing as simple and comfortable as possible. If you have any questions about your SVCE fees, call us at 1-844-474-SVCE (7823) or email us at customerservice@SVCleanEnergy.org. If you have any questions about other PG-E charges, please contact PG-E at 1-866-743-0335. Total Amount Due includes the electrical delivery costs of PG-E, SVCE`s power generation service and, if applicable, the GAS PG-E service. That`s the total amount you pay to PG-E, comfortably on an invoice. For a quick analysis of your own bill, download this useful spreadsheet to calculate the difference in cost of what you pay for generating electricity with SVCE. Using Animals This marker indicates the highest level on which you are loaded. If your electrical use is more than your tier 1 supplement, set by state law, and goes to level 2, the price you pay per kWh increases.

Customers with a user rate do not have tariffs and instead pay different prices when using electricity during peak or off-peak hours. Start by entering your PG-E service address, then select the address from the drop-down list. Because PG-E and SVCE work together to provide your electrical service, the PG-E and SVCE fees will be included in your bill, but there will never be a double charge. Check the discount catalogue and understand the conditions for handing over products for your home or business. Be prepared to provide: CUSTOMER number ESP This is your energy service provider (ESP) customer number for SVCE. Schedule Rate This is your tariff plan established by PG-E. The PG-E PG-E power deviation adjustment calculates a power indifference adjustment (PCIA) to SVCE customers, calculated based on the number of kilowatt hours used per month. PCIA`s objective is to ensure that SVCE customers pay the difference between what PG-E paid for the obligation they have before changing electricity and the current market value of this benefit. The PCIA fee will be taken into account in the process of setting up the SVCE course.

Overall, SVCE customers are still saving money compared to PG – E. BACK TO OVERVIEW fares This link takes you back to the landing page: open the dialogue. . Account number It`s your PG-E account number. The SVCE also refers to this figure. Call the Business Customer Service Center at 1-800-468-4743 or visit pge.com/businessrebates. See below our video to understand your bill to get a quick overview of what you need to know about SVCE fees in your PG-E Energy Statement.

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